Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For Maidink: A Show of Solidarity - Blogging from Work

Maidink posted recently about work blogging (sort of) HERE.

In a show of solidarity I thought I'd do the same along with some pictures for illustrative purposes.

Ok then here's my office at Pax Romano Inc International; the arrow points to my tastefully appointed suite on the 40th floor.


To the right are the gals in the steno pool:
Now let me tell you, these ladies are the back bone of Pax Romano Inc. We couldn't do anything with out the clerical skills of this little pack of vixens! And furthermore, they can brew a mean pot of coffee, boy howdy, can they!

Here at PRII: we use the most cutting edge technology. I recently got one of these nifty word processing machines and let me say that one can produce several pages of memos before you have to change the ribbon!

Of course being the CEO of a big company means that staying in touch is of the top most importance -- that's why I use an Electro Vox 500 Telephonic Phone System by Bell Telephone. This puppy is the the only way to fly when you have to ring up the board room and say, "Heads are going to roll!!!

Finally, and most importantly; no body does this job alone... behind every great man, there's a great woman; and here is mine: my private secratary Mrs. Olivia Cobbelpot. Mrs. C. Has been with me since '88 and she is a loyal and trusted member of the team here at PRI!

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