Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Call of the Wrecking Ball

I'll stomp on an egg, or I'll stomp on a duck
Geese or cornish hens, I don't give a fuck
They call me Wreckin' Ball,
'cause I'm the baddest of 'em all...

...Call of The Wrecking Ball - John Doe & Dave Alvin

It is with great pride that I announce that my fellow drone and blogger, Joey B (AKA Eric Stillman, Wing Tut and The Wrecking Ball) is all set tonight to engage in a preliminary round of wing eating that, if all goes as planned, will land Mr. B. to the world famous, Wing Bowl!

Yes, fame, fortune and a new car to the one who can eat six hundred greasy chicken wings in the fastest amount of time…only in America.

God speed, Joey! Bring home the gold for all of us!

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