Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blah and Blue and Wet Too

This morning, as my umbrella was snatched from my hand by the rain soaked wind and thrown against an evergreen tree where it came to rest in some branches out of my reach, I thought about that old song from the 80’s, “Here Comes the Rain Again…”

As I ran through the stinging spray, my head bowed down against the wind, I thought of, “Don’t Let It Rain” by Jefferson Starship.

In the car, windshield wipers keeping time, I am humming along with the radio, “Purple Rain” by Prince … and then a few moments later it’s CCR and “Who’ll Stop the Rain”.

It is so warm this morning. Yesterday it was in the low 30’s and icy, and snow was all over the ground, and today it is warm and moist; bleak…much like my own
emotional weather. Been feeling up and down lately; nothing earth shattering just …
the western region
of my mental health
and the northern portions of my
ability to deal rationally with my
disconcerted precarious emotional
situation, it's cold out there
colder than a ticket taker's smile
at the Ivar Theatre, on a Saturday night

Thank you Tom Waits for putting it so succinctly.

As I drive through walls of water that make everything I see out my windshield resemble a Matisse painting, I can feel myself wanting to just turn around and go home, just climb back into bed and sleep unaware.

But I don’t do that.

As I am pulling into the parking lot at work the Eagles sing to me, “It may be raining, but there’s a rainbow above you…” What a crock of shit.

The good news is, once I am at the office, co-workers are all feeling the same way.

As I watch them bitch and moan and take their coats off and shake the rain water from their heads like so many angry dogs, I feel better.

Misery loves company…just don’t leave your umbrella where the other guests might trip over it…

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