Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Amazing Pet Peeve of the Moment

Amazing: adjective extremely surprising:

This stain remover really works - it's amazing!

The new theatre is going to cost an amazing (= very large) amount of money.

APPROVING This wine is really amazing (= very good).

It's amazing to think that the managing director is only 23.

It's amazing that no one else has applied for the job.

The amazing thing is that it was kept secret for so long.

What an amazing coincidence

from the Cambridge Dictionaries Online

I’ve noticed the word, “amazing” being bandied about a lot lately. Seems that everyone and everything is downright, amazing these days…for instance in television commercials;

Airhead # 1: Where did you get that amazing sweater?
Airhead # 2: At Old Navy!
(note that Airhead # 1 pronounces the word, “a-MAY-zing”).

At a restaurant I over heard this;

Overfed Suburban Guy: “Try this taco, Muffy!”
Overfed Suburban Gal (after taking a bite): “Oh my god, it’s amazing!
(note that OSG pronounced god as “gawd” and amazing as “a-MAY-zing

Yes it seems that the adjective du jour these days is “amazing” … and frankly it’s making me nuts!

Why is it that a certain word becomes the term everyone uses? Remember, “dude” and “bitchin’ ” and “totally”? Those words were used and abused until they were ground in to the dirt (and while we are at it, what’s up with forty year old men, calling each other, “dude”?).

Ok, so, new rule: In 2006 anyone using the word, “amazing” to describe anything other than a scientific break-through or a mind-blowing orgasm will be banished to a small island off the coast of New Jersey with a copy of a dictionary and a case of Elliott’s Amazing Apple Juice.

Carry on.

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