Friday, December 23, 2005

Pastry Overload

State Office, Somewhere in South Jersey, Two Days before Xmas

Inside you will find:

1 Large Sheet cake that says “Happy Birthday, Karl” on it sitting on the table on the small conference room.

1 Petite clerical worker going around handing out home made brownies.

1 Large tray of baked goods wrapped in festive green plastic sitting by my desk thanks to Zelda.

1 Container of chocolate shortbread also made by Zelda.

1 Huge gingerbread cake sitting by my coffee pot, made by Mama Jax.

3 Whitman Samplers sitting on the table in the lunch room.

Plans for a pizza luncheon are being made; as well as a farewell party later this morning for a retiring co-worker.

Could some one just put an IV of liquid lard into my arm and get this over with already?

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