Friday, December 02, 2005

Madonna, This Generation's Charo?

hoochie coochie gals

Over on Salon, Camille Paglia has a wonderful piece on Mrs. Richie that, among other things, compares Madonna to Charo. It is a well written, very literate piece with just a enough bitchiness to make it funny. You can read it HERE .

For those of you too lazy to read the whole article (and you know who you are) here is my favorite passage:

Even allowing for the fact that she must strenuously maintain her hipness for a busy husband 10 years her junior, Madonna is starting to morph into the mature Joan Crawford of "Torch Song," still ferociously dancing but with her fascist willpower signaled by brute, staring eyes and fixed jawline. In cannibalizing her disco diva days, Madonna runs the risk of turning into a pasty powdered crumpet like the aging Bette Davis in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" Will she become a whooping Charo shaking her geriatric hoochie-coochie hips on TV talk shows? Or should we expect a sudden, grisly collapse from glowing beauty to dust, like Ursula Andress as the 2000-year-old femme fatale in "She"? Too hungry to connect to the youth market, Madonna goes on childishly using naughty words and flipping the finger (as onstage at Live 8 last summer). Marlene Dietrich, her supreme precursor, knew how to preserve her dignity and glamour.

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