Sunday, December 11, 2005

Friggin' Lights!!

Since about six this morning I've been decking the halls here at the Villa. I just finished up and could use a good stiff drink.

What is it with the blasted strings of lights? In knots that not even Alexander The Great could have undone lest he cut it! And when finally they come untangled, half the set does not work!

Nonetheless, I persevered. Lights everywhere. A lot of help came via listening to
Marah's new holiday CD, "A Christmas Kind of Town" - best Xmas record I have heard in YEARS! Even if you don't like holiday recordings, this one is really a winner.

This year's tree is a live pine, ready to be transplanted in the spring (much cheaper than a live cut one I discovered). Of course it is off center no matter what I do, but that's what's so unique about it.

Around the front door a riot of lights will greet whoever deigns to darken my doorstop (though it won't be very dark - then again, if you are prone to seizures, stay away!).

Left over lights are draped over book cases and I am pretty sure that PSE&G is grateful for all of the extra power consumption. Yes they are PINK lights -- got to keep the season gay!

Now, I still have a few strings of lights left so I am not through , the hallway and bathrooms do not look cheerful enough yet!

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