Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Best Holiday Songs (2nd in a possible series)

Marah is one of my favorite rock bands. They hail from Philly but these days spend a lot of time in and around New York City. If you want to hear this band at its most Philly-centric and perfect, I'd highly recommend their album, Kids in Philly, from a few years back...

But this is the holiday season, and brothers Dave and Serge Bielanko have gathered a group of friends and recorded one of the best Christmas albums in ages, A Christmas Kind of Town.

Performed like a holiday pageant along with faux radio broadcasts, this CD runs the gamut and includes a lot of old chestnuts as well as new song, Christmas Kind of Town (which is about the joys of NYC during the Yuletide).

However if there is one stand out on Christmas Kind of Town it is wall-of-sound-bop-till-you-drop treatment given to, Holly Jolly Christmas. Yup, the song that Burl Ives made famous from the Rudolph TV special many years ago, is dusted off, gussied up, and given a great shot of life here! My god but this song is full of such geeky feel good cheer you might actually want to overdose on it (I confess I’ve been playing it over and over at the villa as well as in my car).

This is a great cd, and hopefully after you listen you might be tempted to check out some of the other work by Philadelphia's best rock and roll band!

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