Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bad Breakfast & The Fashion Rage of 2006!

I met my sisters, niece and dad for breakfast this morning at Bob Evan's Greasy White Trash Food Emporium. As per usual I was the first one there and the place was packed with New Jersey's finest and classiest clientele.

My younger sister said to be there by ten; it was five after when i arrived. None of my clan had made it yet.

I twiddled my thumbs and waited and waited. Finally the older sis shows up with dad and we sit and wait and are all commenting on how hungry we are; bored I go and check out the Bob Evan's Greasy White Trash Food Emporium's Gift Shop. I never knew they made sausage scented candles and biscuits and gravy potpourri - I will make sure to stock up on this for next year's gift giving madness.

Finally younger sis and Princess Demon Child show up. PDC is living up to her name today. She is cranky and tired and unsociable. Everyone else is the same way until the coffee arrives and after ingesting caffeine the adults are better; the child remains in her Rhoda The Bad Seed mode.

I've never partaken of the culinary delights at Bob Evan's White Trashy Greasy Food Emporium before, I don't think I'll be going back. I was underwhelmed to say the least...the eggs were runny, the sausage lukewarm and the hash-browns undercooked. At least the milk was cold, so there was that.

After our meal, we went our separate ways and I headed off to the mall to use my GAP gift card.

Fuck the GAP, man. There was plenty of nothing to pick from. Disgusted with my choices I recalled that just last week I crowned myself the King of Fucking Everything , so I must then make do with what is left and proclaim what I bought, The Height of Fashion for 2006!

* Stripped Blue on Blue Sweaters.
* Stripped Blue on Blue Scarves (if if it ever gets cold enough again around these parts, I might just wear the one I bought).
* Stripped Blue on Green on Dark Blue Izod-style Pull Over Shirts.

Laugh now, but wait until you see everyone wearing them in Milan this Spring!

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