Monday, November 28, 2005

This Post Has no Title

Dusting my self off after a long holiday weekend, and taking stock; I can safely say the following:

* I believe that I have gained five pounds over the past four days.
* I don’t think I will want to eat anything sweet for at least a month.
* I am not ready for Xmas or the Xmas season
* I should have taken today off (as, it appears, 75% of my co-workers have).
* I would give a large sum of money to someone, anyone, who would give me a good neck and upper back massage right about now.
* People who proclaim, “I’ve got all of my Holiday shopping done.” Any time before the 24th of December need to shut their pie-holes.

Other than all of that, everything is fine – I trust you all had a wonderful holiday.

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