Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Sky is Falling...yawn...

I was never much of an alarmist. Honestly I don't believe most of what I see, and only half of what I read. So I am having a problem with this bird flu pandemic ... err that is, this possible bird flu pandemic.

The other night the president made a speech about this emergency possible emergency, and like birds of a feather often do, much squawking ensued. One might say that there has been a lot of crowing over this situation.

1.9 million possibly dead, schools and businesses closed down, dogs and cats living in sin, travel bans, armed military guards (with festive face masks on, no doubt). Yes the out look is pretty beak bleak

And yet, I flashed upon other recent warning of dire concern (Y2K, SARS, predictions of more Terrorist attacks on American soil, Gigli); and with the exception of the later, none of these events really amounted to much of anything.

Sometimes I cant help but feel that many of us are nothing but a bunch of Henny Pennys gathering up our feathered friends and proclaiming, "The sky is falling!"

Then again, maybe I'm an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand.

Either way, I refuse to buy into this ongoing culture of fear...

...thats for the birds!

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