Saturday, November 19, 2005

The REAL News Of The Week

As a public service to our tens of millions of readers of Pax Romano's Ramblings: here is a wrap up of the REAL TOP STORIES of the week you may have missed...

Whore's Hacked Hair worth Two Thousand Bucks in Damages!
A bad hair day has reportedly turned into a payday for a Japanese lady of the night, who was awarded more than 2,000 dollars in damages when a beauty salon failed to get it right.

In India, Cop Wears Dress and Might Lose His Job!
A male police officer who appeared on television in a yellow dress with dark red lipstick and matching nail polish could lose his job, officials said.

Heidi Fleiss To Pimp Guys in Nevada - You Go Girl!!
Former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, whose previous career running a call-girl ring landed her in prison, is returning to the world's oldest profession -- to open a Nevada brothel catering to women.

On Second Thought, Money CAN Buy Happiness ... or at Least Put a Down payment on It!
Japanese women are cheerier than men, people grow glummer as they age, and money can buy happiness -- up to a point.

Turkeys Involved in Brazen Break From Truck! - It Could Only Happen In Joisey!
Two dozen live turkeys bound for Thanksgiving tables fell off a truck Friday on the New Jersey Turnpike, briefly snarling traffic near Newark Liberty International Airport.

Hi Mom, It's Me, Your Dead Son!
Anthony Sheppard shocked his mother this week with a telephone call, a day after he was reported dead.

In Russia It's Called a Manwhich!
A woman and her two teenage sons have been accused of strangling a man and eating his innards, police in southern Russia said Thursday.

Make a Run For The Border - JUST DO IT!
The $215.00 "Brinco" shoes are intended to help people attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. "Brinco" is Spanish for "jump."

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