Thursday, November 17, 2005

P.T. Barnum Was Right (Xmas Edition)

So have you heard about these inverted Christmas trees that are all the rage these days? For 600.00 you can get one, pre-lit, from one of the more high-end stores. Target is selling a model for the more budget conscious at a mere, 300.00.

All I can say is; WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS???

Why would anyone want an upside down Xmas tree? Do you glue the gifts and the train set to the ceiling???

Why would anyone in their right mind want one of these stupid things...What's that?...Oh yes, apparently they are selling out in most stores - yes, selling out of these stupid trees!

Well if you can't fight 'em ... Happy Hanukkah everyone! Don't forget to get your Wacky Menorah only available from Pax Romano Inc!!!

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