Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If I Were A Rich Man

I really need to win the lottery.

You probably feel the same way, that is: you need to win the lottery.

I want to lead a stress-free life, and lets face it; finances and work are the top two stressors for most Americans. Would that I could face the day when my biggest decision is what to tell cook to make for dinner ...but who am I kidding, I could never be one of those idle rich types. Nope, I'd have to do more with my day.

I think I would start the Pax Romano Foundation and I'd fund environmental and educational programs; I might also give money to PBS so that when someone is watching a show they'd hear, This program was made possible by a grant from the Pax Romano Foundation, yeah, that'd be very cool.

I'd own two homes. One would be a penthouse in Center City Philadelphia with a 360 view of the city courtesy of the windows that line my four walls. I'd also maintain a place in the country somewhere I could retreat to when the noise of the city starts getting to me. I'd have to have a lake and a lot of wooded acreage, and every room would have a fire-place.

Both of my homes would have a study in them. A room with dark oak paneled walls, and a huge roll top desk and two big leather wing-back chairs; brandy would be available; its located in a faux globe that opens to reveal two crystal decanters and several snifters. The perfect aperitif to sip on a cold night while reading a leather bound edition of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House while sitting by the fire.

Assuming that my windfall is monumental, I would make sure that I took care of my family and some friends, and maybe a few strangers ... an anonymous cash gift to a needy family or three.

I'd also take care of some of my blog-family; Both Joe and Justrose would be published by Romano Books; Shyguy would have the best medical care in the world (as well as Duncan Sheik's home phone number), Lost and Rowan would be CEOs of the Canadian arm of The Romano Foundation ... the rest of you, I'd find something for you, I promise.

For my Whatshisname, I'd set him up with his hearts desire; anyone care to venture a guess at what that might be? Yes, hed have his own comic book graphic novel store to run. Hes been saying this since I first met him, he wants to run a place like this: I even came up with a name for his store: Gotham City Library...

I'd also own a 58 Plymouth Fury as well as a 61 Cadillac Convertible ... I might even collect classic cars every wealthy man needs a hobby, N'est-ce pas ?

Ok, well I suppose I've daydreamed enough for one day ... back to reality ...but first let me just check this lottery ticket one more time.

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