Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Doctor's Office Visit

Not feeling much better than I was yesterday, I went to see the doctor today and told him about the slight pain in my stomach and the rather punky veil of malaise that I’ve been shrouded in.

They took my temperature with one of those high-tech gadgets and I was as shocked as they were when I was told that I was reading 100.8.

Put it back in my mouth”, I said, “That’s an obvious error!”

No error.

Considering my fever and stomach upset the doctor surmises that I have something known as diverticultius. He also did a stat blood test on me because he feared that my white blood cell count was going to be very high. I had to wait around the doctor’s office for the results for this and luckily, when they came back I was told that my white cells were only mildly raised (which according to the doc is great news).

Two antibiotics prescriptions were given as well as directions to stay on a bland, liquid diet for the next few days. I was also told not to go back to work until Monday (well, there’s that!).

Tomorrow I have to have a cat-scan done on my lower abdomen (and yes I’ve already cooked up all kinds of horrors over that one).

Then like a fool, I went on to the net and read a ton of stuff about this condition that said everything from “don’t worry about it” to “you’re days are numbered”. Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing, no?

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