Sunday, November 06, 2005

Country Beefcake

bbeachWaiting for Whatshisname to finally get out of bed this morning so we could go get breakfast, I was channel surfing and landed on the country music TV station and they were showing this video of this impossibly hot looking guy rolling and frolicking on the beach with a scantily clad woman...was this what country music has come to? Soft core porn?

CurringtonEntranced by the hairy guy in the video, I waited to find who he was. Seems his name is Billy Currington - and boy howdy, he's a number!

A quick Google search even turned up a Playgirl cover with him on it!BillyCurrington

Wow, back in my day, the country music guys all looked like Merle Haggard -- times, it seems, have changed, YEEHAW!

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