Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tea and Sympathy Ashley Smith Cracks Me Up!

I confess, I am late to this party, but still, its a classic tale and it deserves to be repeated!

Does anyone remember Ashley Smith, the Atlanta woman who was held hostage last March by Brian Nichols (who had earlier killed a judge and others at an Atlanta court house)?

Apparently, Smith managed to keep her cool and win her captor over by turning him on to Rick Warren's, "The Purpose-Driven Life".

Once this story hit the news, Smith was canonized by the usual suspects (Fox News, Focus on the Family and others). She was also beatified by the main stream press and (rightly so) won the admiration of many by surviving an ordeal that most, probably, would not have lived to tell about ...

Last week, Smith published a tell-all about her adventure called, "Unlikely Angel". In her new book, Smith confesses that not only did she turn Brian Nichols on to an evangelical best seller, but also crack cocaine...yes, thats right. Crack may be wack (according to Whitney Houston), but it seems to work wonders in hostage situations.

Here is the story from SALON.COM

You know what? This just makes me like Smith even more! Who says drugs are bad? Could you imagine if she had no stash and just handed the guy that damn book?!

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