Monday, October 24, 2005

Sex Lies and Video Tape: 351 words on "Dot the I"

Yesterday I watched Matthew Parkhill’s thriller, Dot the I, and today I am still thinking about it…

What starts as a charming, witty love triangle story, soon becomes a tale of betrayal and mistrust and then turns into something all together different and original. This is the kind of movie for people who love movies!

The story concerns it self with Carmen (the beautiful Natalia Verbeke) who is engaged to a tall cool drink of British water, Barnaby (the enigmatic James D’Arcy). On the night of her “hen party” a group of Carmen’s friends take her out and by chance she meets the scruffy but charming Kit (played by sex-on-a-stick, Gael Garcia Bernal) and faster than you can say, “cold feet”, she is seduced by the down-on-his-luck actor / film maker and soon she is questioning her relationship with Barnaby, who while kind and sweet (and very damn rich), lacks the passion and lust for life Kit has.

While Carmen is dealing with her conflicted feelings for her lover, we soon discover that someone is stalking her – could it be her crazed ex-lover from Madrid; the guy who threw acid on her and scared her arms years earlier? Or maybe it’s Kit, maybe he’s just too good to be true…

Like I said, Dot the I is a movie for people who love movies; watch for homage’s to The Graduate and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – but more that that, wait for the twists and turns, there are several and they come towards the film’s later part and while they not only turn the plot of the film on it’s ear, they also cause the viewer of the film to question what is real, what is art and what is entertainment.

For fans of John Waters early work (and you know who you are) see if you come away from Dot the I quoting that famous line from Female Trouble, “Now freeze! Who wants to die for art?” For some reason, I kept hearing that line in my mind at film’s end.

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