Saturday, October 29, 2005

Random Saturday Ramblings

Jeez Louise but it’s been a stressful week (work-wise); but here it is almost seven am, Saturday morn and, for now at least, all is right with the world.

Whatshisname got in on Thursday night and brought back all kinds of nifty souvenirs from Monterey. Poor guy was dead on his feet but luckily he did not have to work a full day on Friday and so everything is back to normal here at the Villa.

Tonight is the annual Halloween parade in Utopia. We usually end up going to it because it is the biggest thing in these parts and honestly, it is a lot of silly fun.

Has anyone else been enjoying the scandals coming out of Washington this week? I know I have – now you know me, I am never one to gloat but, ah well, what the fuck – HA HA!! (that laugh should sound like the mean little kid on The Simpson's).

I see that Antonio has a new film out ... I guess I'll be dropping another eight bucks at the cineplex (oh the money I have wasted on bad films just to gaze upon Mr. B).

Have a wonderful Saturday all!

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