Monday, October 31, 2005

Mini Halloween Party

Last night a few friends stopped over and an impromptu, mini-Halloween party ensued!

Lele looked 'drop dead' as a vamp with bee-sting lips. She also supplied killer cup-cakes that might have been laced with tannis root she does have that Rosemary Woodhouse vibe going on...

Penny and Mark Hownowbrownkowski-Peoples brought this pumpkin spice wine called Psychedelic Jack O'Lantern from Long Trout Winery as well as terrorist hot dog wraps (don't ask) and warm cider. The newlyweds, in the spirit of dress up donned the following drag, Penny was a poncho-clad Juan Corona and Mark came as professional wrestler and wife beater, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Later on we all settled down for a viewing of the heart-warming and life-affirming film, Land of the Dead (which rocked to the nth degree with all the un-edited gore scenes), poor Whatshisname, he hates horror films, but he was a trooper (though I am never going to hear the end of subjecting his delicate psyche to scenes of cannibalism and exploding body parts...).

Finally, two other guests showed up; Miguel Blink and his date, Kit-Kat ; and Mr. Blink just rocked his drag ensemble sort of resembling Olive Oyl in her Sunday best while his escort came as a green fairy (Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?).

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