Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Last Laugh?

nunI am going to post about my late co-worker one more time.

She was an interesting woman, she kind of reminded me of Kathy Bates. She had this laugh; it was kind of abrupt and loud. I was one of the few people who could make her laugh, she was not exactly the kind one would label as jocular or filled with mirth.

She told us that she was a nun, and most everyone, for the sixteen or so odd years she toiled along with the rest of us, referred to her as “Sister”. She only wore her habit and vestments one time; her last day of work...

Some of the more devout Catholics amongst us really took her title seriously. Others, not so much.

I liked the woman in spite of her somewhat rigid ways, and like I said, I could make her laugh.

Sometimes we’d discus religion and she amazed me with her, less than dogmatic, view on spiritual issues.

Today her obituary ran in the local papers. It mentioned her working for our agency in the state, it mentioned her late father and her surviving mother … it also mentioned some other relatives of hers …

two sons, one daughter, several grandchildren.

There was no mention of her being a nun.

Mouth’s dropped all around the office, mine included. Everyone was talking about it, including me.

You think you know someone, and then you go and find out … and then in my mind, I heard that laugh of hers…

…the last laugh.

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