Sunday, October 23, 2005

If There's a Bustle in your Hedgerow, Don't Be Alarmed now, It's Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen...

Christ, do you ever just wake up, and for no apparent reason a song lyric is stuck in your head?  Stairway to freakin’ Heaven is mine today!

Got up at around four AM and sat and had coffee with Whatshisname while we waited for the Rapid Rover to come pick him up for his flight.  Last night we went out and had dinner and the waitress at our favorite spot is such a sweet-heart, she even remembered us talking about his upcoming trip to Monterey and she told him about all of the best restaurants to eat at…sometime little, almost inconsequential moments like that make your day (or night).

Anyway, back to that pre-dawn wake up call:  By the time he’d left I’d had about three cups of joe, so I was raring to go.  Did some laundry, took a shower, ran some errands, stopped over my folks house and just got back home, and now I am dead on my feet.  Thank god I took tomorrow off!

Am I just rambling here?  

I thought so.

Have a nice Sunday all, I am going back to bed…

Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him…

Damn you Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, damn you both to hell!!!!

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