Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Tony!!!


If you knew Tony like I know Tony (oh, wait, that’s not for public knowledge….)…what I meant to say was, Antonio is a great guy, a gifted blogger, and remains one of my favorite Blog Brothers.

In honor of My Shyguy’s birthday, I present the following:

Little Known Fun Facts about The Birthday Boy:

• Shares a birth date with both Jimmy Carter and Julie Andrews (which would explain why he dances through the hills sometimes at dawn singing, “The Sound of Music”).
• Everyone knows that Tony likes to call his fan’s “bitches”; how ironic that Elton John had a hit on this date the very year Shyguy was born called, “The Bitch is Back!”
• Did you know that Tony was named most beautiful baby at 1974’s Little Mr. Little Rock Pageant? Well, now you do!
• The Towering Inferno was the number one film of 1974, some say that Tony’s mother was so taken with the film she wanted to name her son, Flamer, of course he was named for his uncle, Big Tony Bruno (of the Italian portion of the Shyguy family).
• When Tony was six, his folks brought him to Hollywood to audition for the part of Sue Ellen’s illegitimate child, Little Bubba on Dallas. Unfortunately, he did not make the cut – happily he made friends with pop star, Mr. Michael Jackson. They were inseparable until Tony turned 10.
• In High School Tony sang the lead in his Senior class production of La Bohème – this was the first time a male nailed the role of Mimi!
• Returning to Hollywood after he graduated high school, Tony appeared in several “independent films” including the infamous, “Little Boy from Little Rock”. That same year he won the Best Male Performer in the Adult Video Association Awards!
• A year later, Tony won the Betty Crocker Bake off with his version of German Chocolate Cake – Arkansas Style.
• Recently, Pop Star Duncan Sheik has filed a restraining order against Tony!


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