Friday, October 21, 2005

The Funniest Woman on Televsion

I like my broads big, brassy, ballsy and bitchy: hey, I'm a gay man, that's the way we like 'em. That's also the reason I love Jennifer Coolidge who plays the deranged Hollywood agent, Bobbie Morgenstern on NBC's sit-com, Joey.

Actually, I had little hope for the Friend's spin-off since it starred the weakest link in that cast, Matt LeBlanc. Thankfully, the producers of this show have surrounded it's star with a crack supporting cast (which includes the beyond sexy, Drea de Matteo -late of The Sopranos - as Joey's sister, Gina). Actually the entire cast is pretty good, which is a blessing considering how awful LeBlanc is in this show (small doses of his character go a looonnnngggg way).

Back to Coolidge. Some of you might remember her in the Legally Blond films or as the whacked out talent scout in the film, A Mighty Wind.

In Joey, she channels her talents and has created a monster of a woman who is ruthless, insane, under medicated and over sexed. Coolidge is so good as Bobbie that she is literally frightening at times; it's as if she might eat the other cast members around her ... god I love her!

I am happy to note, that this year, the powers that be have given the Bobbie character much more screen time so if there are any belly-laughs to be had, they usually come when Coolidge is on screen (for instance a few weeks ago, it was discovered that Phil Collins had a restraining order out against Bobbie. She tells a co-worker that it happened because she was making love to him, and when she realized who he really was, she got so angry she beat the tar out of him!).

Coolige almost always gets the best lines on the show; consider these words of wisdom on how to get big in show biz: "Join a cult. All the famous people are doing it. Who cares if you get brainwashed - you were probably pretty dumb to begin with. "

Well, that explains Tom Cruise!


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