Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best Horror Movie Moments (Second in a Series for the Halloween Season)

carry When Brian DePalma released his filmed version of Stephen King's high school-horror-novel, Carrie, he caused a big stir -- from the opening scenes of scantily clad high school girls cavorting about a misty shower room to the following moment when a hapless student experiences her first menstrual flow (that would lead to some real problems later on), De Palma created a heavy brew of Gothic horror mixed with Southern California sensibilities.

Featuring a cast of (mostly unknown at the time) actors like Sissy Spacek (Carrie White), Betty Buckley (the sympathetic gym teacher, Miss Collins), John Travolta (the twisted bad-boy, Billy Nolan), Piper Laurie (the insanely religious, Margret White) and William Katt (as the So-Cal Doomed Prince Charming, Tommy Ross), Carrie has been described as American Graffiti meets The Omen.

If Carrie has one stand out moment, it is the final scene when the good girl (Sue Snell, played to perfection by Amy Irving) has the mother of all nightmares after surviving Carrie's melt-down at the senior prom.

We see Sue in a white gown, her hair in long ringlets, walking down a street carrying a bouquet of flowers to lay on the grave of Carrie White. As she approaches the grave, Sue pauses and looks up to the sky for a moment and then looks back down and is about to lay the flowers she brought on the ground when POW Carrie's arm reaches up from the ground to , one presumes, pull poor Sue into the depths of hell...

...I saw this movie the night it opened at a theatre in Philadelphia, and the audience let out one collective scream when this of course, the fake out ending is de rigueur in suspense films; in 1976 it had never been seen before, and it shocked the living hell out of everyone.

Like all good Horror films, they have tried to remake Carrie twice. Once as a Broadway Musical (allegedly one of the worst of all time), and then, a few years later as a made for TV film (an utter waste of time).

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