Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Best Horror Movie Moments (First in a Series for The Halloween Season)

psyshower Splish splash I was taking a bath...whoops, not for long: Well actually, it was a shower.

When Marion Crane checked in to the Bates Motel after stealing money from one of her employer's clients, she was starting to have second thoughts, especially after she was chatted up by the motel's owner, the boyish and some what eccentric, Norman Bates. Sensing that she made a bad decision, Marion decides to make a clean breast of things in the morning ... but first a quick shower.

Bad move.

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, arguably one of the finest suspense films ever made, caused an entire generation to reconsider showering after they became aware of the fate of the movie's heroine.

Peppered with spot-on performances by Janet Leigh (as Crane) and Anthony Perkins (as Bates), Psycho remains the ultimate tale of a mama's boy; and of course, as good as the entire film and cast was, the shower scene is what made this movie the iconic piece of film making that it has become.

Even in this day and age of CGI effects and over-the-top-gore, nothing comes close to the twenty some seconds of Mrs. Bates doing away with Marion Crane in the cut/cut/cut fashion of that scene (and lets not even talk about that dreadful remake that Gus Van Sant made a few years back)...

Most shocking about the scene, is that for some forty minutes or so, we are following Crane's tale and empathize with her situation; how is she going to get out of this trap she set for herself ... Hitchcock plays the audience like a grand piano up to this point and then faster then you can say, Oedipus Complex, the film's heroine is dead!

At this point, the film, of course, changes direction as we delve deeper into Norman's mother issues and the movie continues taking us on it's roller coaster journey; and yet, long after the final scene, the viewer is haunted by Marion Crane's anti-Calgonite moment...

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