Saturday, October 01, 2005

At The Liquor Store Tonight

They were walking in front of me, these three women; middle aged or better from what I could tell in the twilight’s dull glow.  On foot together, arm in arm, the one on the end, she is tall and smoking a cigarette, the small one is in the middle, and the heavy-set one is on the end.

They are talking, all three at the same time.  I hear one of them say; “At my age, the last thing I need is another man!”  The one smoking says, “I’m still trying to get rid of mine!”

A burst of laughter from these three women – they sound like school girls.

They came out of the Chinese restaurant that I was strolling past, and they were headed to the liquor store which is where I was going.

I went around them and walked into the store, the automatic door hissed open and closed but their laughter could be heard inside.

The handsome young guy, who works at the liquor store, pops his head outside and says, “Ok girls, break it up or I’m calling the cops!”

The women laugh again and one of them hollers out, “Hey, cutie – wanna’ come home with me?”

More laughter.

The clerk comes back in smiling, we exchange looks and he says, “Every Saturday, those three, like clockwork, god love ‘em.

I pick up a bottle of merlot and walk up to the counter as the women enter.  One of them says in a stage whisper, “How about if we make martini’s tonight, girls?”

The clerk looks up and says to them, “Need a bartender?”

The stout one calls back, “Honey, you’d have to do more than mix me a drink!”

We all laugh.  Me, the clerk, the Golden Girls.

I pay for my wine and head out back into the twilight wishing those old gals many more nights like this one…

god love ‘em!

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