Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Slice of Carrot Cake Anyone?

Lovely time spent with the two first ladies of blogging yesterday (in my humble opinion anyway). Justrose and ALa left the confines of Cheese steak City and ventured out to Utopia to have lunch with Whatshisname and I.

My better half whipped up a fantastic lunch and made a a carrot cake from scratch that was too-die-for in it's sinfulness!!

Gave the ladies the 50 cent tour of Utopia (and wouldn't you know it, the damn LIEBERRY was closed!!!).

After lunch, over coffee and cake and cigarettes (for some of us) we talked; solved the world's greatest problems, dished about people we knew on and off line (so if anyone's ear's were ringing...), discussed our dysfunctional childhoods, and generally had a wonderful time.

I was humbled by ALa who actually raved over my pasta salad (high praise from the culinary diva!). And as always, spending time with Justrose is a pleasure in and of itself, she is such a doll!

Whatshisname was really taken with the both of them, "Let's have them over every weekend, they are great company!" I nodded my head and said, "I told you so."

Now then, is carrot cake and a cup of coffee a well balanced breakfast? Anyone?

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