Friday, September 02, 2005

T&P Question Me ( a break from the morbid)

1. What is the highest number of times in one day you have masturbated? And why did you stop?

Good god, is nothing sacred??? I really don’t know the highest number of times – probably when I was back in college in the early 80’s – I might have stopped because I had a class to go to.

2. Gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts and genital herpes - you can have any of them you like but you must have one. Which one do you choose and which of the others have you had before?

Unlike some people, I’ve never had one of the Diseases of Venus! I guess if I had to have one I’d pick The Clap as it can be cleared up with an antibiotic.

3. Do you know where the clitoris is (no, not your own)? Tell us and let the girls know how thoroughly modern you are.

Sigh … it’s been a long time, but yes I am pretty sure I know where it is – for those that don’t here is a link: LINK

4. What’s the sickest thing you’ve ever downloaded from the internet?

Bette Davis singing “I Wish You Love” – UGH so bad, it does not even have any camp value!

5. That casual encounter from last week left you a parting gift of crabs. You decide to keep 3 of them as pets. What names do you give them?

Piggy, Tazzy & Tippy

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