Thursday, September 29, 2005

It Never Rains in Southern New Jersey

rainyToday after what seemed like several months of constant sunshine and cobalt blue skies; it’s gone all gray. A touch of rain during lunch time, a bit of a breeze, a real hint of autumn and dropping temperatures…

Summer seems like it does not want to give up its seat this year. Trees and lawns are still green, falling leaves are more the exception than the rule – a few cool nights have happened, but for the most part it’s been warm and pleasant; in fact it’s been like Southern California lately here in the Delaware Valley. Not very hot, not cold at all, sunshine everywhere.

Back to today’s weather; every time I step outside I have to pause, it all seems so alien – you know how you get used to one thing, and then suddenly something new comes along? It’s like that with this weather condition.

I hear that the temperature is going to plummet over night. I guess that will start the much delayed leaf color change that many have missed. However, it seems that by Tuesday we will be back up into the 80’s.

But for now, it’s all dark and damp – emotional weather, that’s what I call it; the kind that makes people moody, or sleepy, or what-have-you. I confess, I kind of like it…

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