Monday, September 12, 2005

He's Just a Mass of Contradictions

Sometime I wonder who this guy is that lives with me; this stoic fellow who, as I type, is methodically preparing his lunch for tomorrow, this tall, dark and handsome guy who out of the clear blue just said to me, “Honey, sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion; this mass of contradictions that I call, Whatshisname.

I told you all the story of how we met that snowy night back in 1996, and I’ve mentioned his obsession with dolls Action Figures as well as comic books Graphic Novels… but I don’t think any of you really know him.

Little Known Fun Facts about Whatshisname:

  • Can cook just about anything and leave the kitchen immaculate when through!

  • Can’t make a cup of coffee to save his life.

  • Hates Musicals

  • Except for Bye Bye Birdie & Victor / Victoria.

  • Loves Hitchcock films and can repeat almost every line of dialogue from Rear Window.

  • Has this unbelievable work ethic.

  • Is very good to his mother.

  • Freaked me out a few years back when he confessed his love of Led Zeppelin.

  • Has seen every episode of Sex and the City.

  • Loves to editorialize when ever asked a question.

  • Never met a donut he did not like!

  • Was mistaken for a professional athlete at the local gym.

  • Fancies himself a great driver (no comment).

  • Has more shoes than Imelda Marcos.

  • Hands me a wish-list every Xmas.

  • Will clean the kitchen and do a play-by-play-color-commentary of the entire proceedings.

  • Announces periodically how many gazillion songs he now has on his iPod.

  • Tells me he loves me ever night before we go to sleep…(ahhhhh)

There is so much more to convey about my guy (remind to tell you how he can also recite almost every line from All About Eve sometime), but for now, I just felt the need to point out to the world, or however much of the world stumbles upon this posting, that I love this solid, if inconsistent, man who makes my life a little bit sweeter.

Now about that lime Jell-O incident

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