Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BEEP: Time's Up!

Time’s up, nobody wins, though T& P came close and had one of the answers and TBL knew the answer to two.

I did make these pretty difficult in fact, most of them could NOT be found on Goggle (insert evil laugh here).  Oh and before I give you  the answers, number 9 is the fake … just made it up!

And here are the answers:

1:"Hide the human, and bring out the beast. Let all of the animal games begin..."
Song: Silver Spoons.  Artist: Grace Slick  Album: Sunfighter (so T& P almost had it)

2:"Tell me, how long have you been combing your hair with a wrench..."
Song: Picking Up After You  Artist Tom Waits (with Crystal Gayle) From the Soundtrack to the Film, One From the Heart (again, the boys came pretty close!)

3:"Hey Hey, Padre, have you seen my son? He was wearing a long white dress and carrying a gun..."
Song: I’m Lost  Artist: X  Album: See How We Are.

4: "Jane came by with a lock of your hair..."
Song: Famous Blue Raincoat  Artist: Leonard Cohen (TBL and The Boys got this one).

5:"Romeo Rodriquez squares his shoulders and curses Jesus..."
Song: Romeo had Juliet  Artist: Lou Reed  Album: New York

6:"And here I sit, hand on a telephone, hearing a voice Id known, light-years ago..."
Song: Diamonds and Rust  Artist: Joan Baez  Album Diamonds and Rust (TBL got this one!)

7:"If Mary drops my baby girl tonight, I would name her Rock-N-Roll..."
Song: The Seed (2.0).  Artist The Roots  w/ Cody Chestnut.  Album: Phrenology

8: "Talk to me, the Puerto Rican prostitutes ask for a date, and two kids are making fun of a bum who just fell flat on his face ..."
Song: You  Band X  Album See How We Are (guess what cd is being played in my car a lot these days!)

9:"Maybe I kissed you longer than I should have, but I’m a sucker for your face..."
Song: A Sucker for your Face.  Artist Pax Romano  Album Boy Howdy, Pax Sings!

10: "She drove a Plymouth Satellite, faster than the speed of light..."
Song:  Planet Claire  Band: B-52’s  Album: The B-52’s

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