Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anarchy in the USA

I’ve been listening to NPR all day today hearing the horrid details about what is happening and has happened in New Orleans and the surrounding area. I was prepared for the destruction from the flood waters, however I was somewhat taken a back when I heard about the snipers, and the looters, and the dead bodies lying in the streets, and the hospitals with out power and the people keeling over at the Superdome and the lack of water and essentials for the refuges … I mean, there seemed to be absolutely no plan in place.

I’ve been of the mind that, despite my political views, this country was more or less prepared for anything after 9/11; all this talk of Homeland Security had filled me with a
false sense of security – you see I thought this nation could handle these kinds of things. Granted, this was not a terrorist attack, it was an act of nature, but the results seem similar to some kind of assault; and yet we seem caught with our pants down and our thumbs up our collective asses.

Where is the National Guard? Why hasn’t someone addressed the nation with some sort of game plan? Why have we been so
reticent about accepting help from other countries?

Someone, please, tell me what’s going on.

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