Friday, September 02, 2005

Anarchy In The USA II

I really wanted to post something silly and light-hearted (as is the norm here at The Ramblings), but I still can't get over how I am feeling concerning the horror in the Big Easy.

Some comments from some readers of this blog, I felt, were worth seeing again concerning what is going on:

Zelda Parker said:

Homeland Security indeed, I thought at first it was just an opportunity for GW to give his friend from Pennsylvania a job. Now Americans are getting the job. The trucks of supplies and medicines should have arrived the morning after the storm passed. No excuses and apparently no plan. We don't need terrorists to destroy our country we are doing a fine job by ourselves.

Justrose said about the state of affairs:

am thinking some of the same things, there is a great deal of confusion now. there needs to be action, or people need reassurance about the actions that are being taken.

Joe at Freudianslips felt the following:

troops should have been deployed as soon as this hurricane upgraded to a category 5 and headed towards the gulf coast. law enforcement isn't trained, equipped, or have the manpower to handle this type of anarchy.

Marisa at Apt 2024 said:

The craziest thing is apparently, they knew something like this was a possibility. An email past my way today from a public health official of some note, stating that all that has happened (natural disaster-wise) was known as an absolute possibility. If they knew it might happen, why wasn't there more planning?

Medbh had a lot to say, including this about the government response:

They didn't plan for this. You are not safe. They want your money, your person is superflous. They should have evacuated those people prior to this, especially because of the 2003 pulled funding. Now they will probably give HUGE contracts out to companies that they have stock in, to fix the rigs. Courtesy of the tax dollar.

Concerning the absence of the National Guard, Jimmi said:

I thought all the National Guards were in Iraq involved in Operation Enduring Idiocy?

Virginia Gal asked the following question:

I have to wonder would this situation exist if the majority of those people stuck in the city were middle-class white Americans instead of dirt poor African-Americans?

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