Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sometimes the Moon ...

The dog woke me up at a around five this morning for her walk She seemed desperate and so I rose from a warm bed, threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and slipped into a pair of sneakers.

You know you never really walk a dog, the dog walks you. You may be holding the leash, but the beast is taking you where it wants to go.

This morning she walked me to her new favorite spot; a semi dense patch of woods behind my home. Bleary-eyed and zombified I followed until we were at this little clearing where a stream runs. The dog had found her spot and I gazed around a bit just wanting her to hurry up so I could go back to bed.

And then, I saw something bright in the stream. It was the reflection of the almost full moon in the early morning sky. I looked up and through the trees I could see it; Diana's light, bright and clean, cutting through the haze.

I stood gazing up, at this beautiful satellite and for the first time since yesterday morning, I felt good. I dont know why, I just felt good, in spite of this cold, cruel, heartless world; a world where young pregnant women are killed by their companions, a world where people are sent to die in foreign countries for reasons that are ambiguous at best and nefarious at worst, a world where people wrap themselves up in political or spiritual ideology and think that because of that, they have the right to impose their dogmas on others, a world where maniacs blow up buildings and subways in the name of god, a world of overpopulation and general misery ... in spite of all that and everything else, I found peace and a tiny little bit of reassurance that everything was going to be ok, at least for now.

The dog, however, was not sharing my pre-dawn revelation and she jerked me out of my reverie and we headed back home.

Back inside, I fed her and then went out on my deck and looked back up at that imperfect pearl and took a deep breath and realized that sometimes the moon is all you need to make things right.

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