Sunday, August 07, 2005

One Crazy Biatch!

Ever since we got home from a birthday party late this afternoon, the dog has been wigging out. She seems to be stalking something in the living room. She stares intently up at the ceiling and then runs over to the fireplace and growls and then runs to the kitchen and stops looking straight up again at the ceiling, and then runs back into the living room.

As I type this she is running around my chair by the computer going to the steps and seems to be waiting for someone or something … now she is staring back up at the ceiling by the hallway.

You have to understand that normally, Miss Sabelina is one lazy mutt. She loves to laze about and be adored. When she’s not doing that then eating and sleeping is her two other big hobbies.

I wonder if the
orbs are back, they say that dogs can sense that kind of stuff … either that or she is just one crazy biatch!

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