Saturday, August 06, 2005

I Spy a Budding Romance in a Supermarket Parking Lot

I am sitting in a car in a supermarket parking lot waiting for someone.

It is late afternoon; sundown. The lot only has a handful of cars in it.

I can see a young couple standing in back of a blue Saturn; I guess they are both in their early twenties. She is very pretty in a Rubenesque fashion. Her auburn hair is pulled back tightly exposing a clear, well scrubbed face.

He is tall, taller than her. He has curly hair and a five-o-clock shadow that makes him look like he should have a guitar around his neck.

They are involved in some kind of animated discussion. Both are smiling, from what I can tell. They maneuver around each other like dancers. She is holding a cigarette, but I don’t think she ever takes a puff. She is using it like some kind of prop, like an actress in an old film from the 1940’s.

He is standing arms at his side, they swing like he’s walking; but he’s not walking. He keeps shifting his weight from foot to foot. He looks like he’s ready to twirl or maybe take her in his arms and do some kind of pagan love dance with her … as it is; he makes a fleeting attempt to touch her left arm. It is a tentative move at best.

They continue like this for a few minutes, these two young people, I can’t hear what they are saying because I am in a car and to me it’s like watching a silent film.

A few moments later I notice she is smiling up at him and his back is to me but I can see as he puts his arms around her and they hug and sway back and forth. Again, I think of dancing. They look like an old couple rocking each other softly on the floor of a night club.

Then they are standing side by side, holding hands like two small children and they walk to the entrance of the market. I notice that they keep stealing glances at each other. I watch them until they disappear into the mouth of the store and are absorbed by the bright lights of the market.

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