Saturday, August 27, 2005

Damn the Weather, Pax and Justrose Meet the Bloggers!

It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia (for awhile at least) when I first got there. Whatshisname punked out at the last minute, so I went stag to meet Justrose.

Arriving early, I strolled over to Washington Square park (shot of the park's fountain and the blue sky on the left) and just soaked up the atmosphere; young and old couples walking hand in hand, an artist panting a landscape of the park, two little old ladies smoking cigarettes on a bench and talking and laughing, the sound of an opera being sung carrying over from somewhere … perfect Saturday afternoon stuff.

Realizing that it was almost time for our rendezvous, I returned to our agreed to destination and was pleasantly surprised to see not only Justrose, but her hubby, S and their adorable child, P. I was immediately smitten with the youngster who got her mother’s good looks and her father’s analytic mind. When I asked her about the “case of the creepy caterpillar's caper” she pulled up a chair at the outside cafĂ©’ and went on for about ten minutes.

Send me an e-mail” I said to the tiny one and with that, Father and Daughter went about their business while JR and I repaired to Jones for lunch.

Jones restaurant: what a cool place! All 70’s kitsch (deep pile shag carpet, Brady Bunch bucket / swivel seats, wait-staff adorned in Toughskins pants…). And the food is the kind of stuff your mother might have thrown together for you. Nothing fancy or highfalutin here, just the basics – and it’s all good!

While waiting for the food we discussed families and faux nostalgia and certain other bloggers and those who comment on our blogs; like the food, it was all good.

After we ate, we walked up Market Street and JR told me about the hundreds of times she came up Market Street during her tenure at Doogie Howser High school for Overachievers back in the ‘80’s.

Continuing the theme of Phillycentric nostalgia we went to Lord and Taylor (Formerly, John Wanamaker). We entered on the Market Street side and JR said that she felt like at any minute her grandmother might peer around a corner to scold her for wandering off. I told her about my past as an employee of this grand store back in the 70’s in the Men’s Furnishing’s Department in the store’s basement.

The store is still a striking place to wander, like an old castle. We stopped and paid homage to The Eagle in the grand court and then made our way to the escalators to see how many floors were still actually in operation. (shot of the grand court and the eagle from the 3rd floor on the right) Sadly, we found that only three floors are in use, retail-wise, the rest is now office space.

Finishing up our little trip down memory lane we left the store to discover that the blue skies had now given way to a downpour. We waited under an awning on Chestnut Street entertained by a street musician who was playing a pretty good electric guitar. It was while we were there that we decided to crash the
Philly Blogger’s Meet Up that was being held at the Nodding Head on Sansom Street.

Seeing that the rain had let up some, we moved on until we found ourselves caught in a downpour. Finding shelter at a bus stop, we crowded some poor old guy to the back of the shelter and seeing that the rain was not letting up we braved the elements and found our way to The Nodding Head.

Photo of Philly Bloggers Enjoying Themselves

What a cool bunch of folks the Philly Bloggers are!

Karl (the Grand Most High Founder of Philly Future) was a most gracious host, and it was so great to meet him (I hope he gets more hamsters!), as well as Albert (dragonballye proprietor and photographer par excellence) Matt (he of the Tattered Coat) Blankbaby (Events Czar missing his hat!), and Marisa (tenant of the awesome, Apartment 2024) as well as group of others whose names and blogs all escape me know.

Of course, Justrose was recognized by most of the gathered, and she did her best to sign autographs and a batch of glossy photos she just happened to have in her purse! She is such a movie star!

justrose signs autographs

All in all it was wonderful afternoon and I for one hope to do this again soon and spend some time chatting up the others in this group of talented and interesting folk!

When we left the Nodding Head, we strolled on down to a coffee shop for a quick bite and some java (ask JR about the burnt waffle) and once through there and seeing that it was getting late, I walked Justrose back to the train station and we said our goodbyes…all in all a great day…

Justrose tells about it with much more panache HERE

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