Thursday, March 17, 2005

Smoke 'n Guns II : Philly Style

few days ago I posted here about my thoughts on a ban on smoking in public places and how this seemed to be all the rage these days. Conversely, I also posed the question that if second hand smoke causes harm, what do we make of first hand gun fire? Well as fate would have it, today in Philadelphia, the city council postponed a vote on banning of public smoking; meanwhile, the governor of The Commonwealth was doing his best to avoid Mayor Street’s request for seeking a moratorium on gun permits.

Once again, I am dumbfounded over these events. While the bill to ban smoking will probably pass eventually, why is it so difficult to address a problem like gun control? I mean it’s not like anyone ever held up a bank with a pack of Salem Ultra Lights!

Guess it’s all just smoke and mirrors…

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