Saturday, March 12, 2005

Selling Keanu

Whatshisname came home the other day with two more statues. They are part of a supposedly “limited collection” from the film, Constantine starring that artiste of the silver screen, Keanu Reeves. From what I understand, The K-Man plays a fallen angel in this epic (which is based on, guess-what kids? A COMIC BOOK).

Keanu look’s so cool in porcelain, it’s sort of like he’s joined the Black Panthers with his fist raised in defiance of the man…sort of.

I was shocked when he told me that he did not want these two objects d'art and handed them over to me to do with them as I please.


Yup, put them both up for sale this evening.

Should any of my constant readers be interested, I could sell them for a discount (Mags, I’m sure one of these would look lovely amongst your Capodimonte collection)

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