Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lunchtime Ruminations – Damn Reality

I Baby its Cold Outside: Damn, it’s sharp out there today. But oh how nice to have the cold air clear the head. No complaints, it will be hot enough soon enough and we’ll all be complaining about the humid weather – trust me!

II Food Porn: In the supermarket to pick up my salad for lunch I stumble across a box of Krispy Crèmes – so luscious looking, ah just one bite into your flaky sugary body…oh wait what’s this? Why it’s Entenmanns Star Puffs; heavily glazed in white icing, tantalizing pastry with red stripes and filled with sweet, dripping, strawberry filling…

III Swarthy Supermarket Man: Oh, check out that cutie in aisle five. A mop of jet black hair, a crooked smile … no wait, I’m a ‘married man’… where are those damn Star Puffs?

IV Summer Teeth Lady: I stop into this store to pick up a paper; a woman is buying lottery tickets, lots and lots of lottery tickets. She is smallish with very long dark hair and is all bundled up with a scarf and an Eagles (Football Team) jacket. She looks up at me because she is aware that her purchase is taking some time, “I’ll only be a few more seconds, hon.” she says in a throaty voice. I notice that she appears to only have three teeth in her mouth, and none of them are top teeth.

V Leave The Planet: In my car driving back to the office, I am listening to “Blows Against the Empire” – A concept album by Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane about a group of malcontents who take over a space ship and leave the earth before the out-break of World War III. Sounds like a good idea to me.

VI Blessed Alone Time: I made it to the break room alone. For five minutes or so I am left alone to graze on my salad, sip my diet iced tea and peruse the Philadelphia Inquirer; it all comes to an end shortly when the others start filing in, but it’s nice while it lasts; still though the idea of leaving this all behind, on a starship, with a box of Star Puffs under one arm and a swarthy supermarket man on the other does sound tempting…damn reality.


MagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, you do have such fun days, I think if your life story was filmed, only Cecil B. DeMille could do it justice. BTW dear, just how many lottery tickets was Florence buying?

PaxRomano said...


As a matter of fact, DeMille did option my bio, “The Dullest Story Ever Told”, but when he could not get Fairbanks to play me, he dropped the whole thing.

justrose said...

Pax, I'm with you babes. The randomness of the quotidian. Pass the star puffs.