Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Welcome to Tuesday Morning

I woke up this morning thinking it was already Wednesday; of course it was only Tuesday. I stumbled to the bathroom to brush, shave, wash and rinse and saw that familiar face staring back at me.

Sometimes I hate the way I look, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. This morning, I looked pretty nondescript, and that’s the way I felt. Just let me blend in and get on with things.

As I was spooning out some oatmeal in the kitchen I realized that Whatshisname was not up yet; and then I remembered, he’s been fighting a cold these past few days and finally decided to heed Dr. Pax’s words, “stay in bed and don’t go to work.” Those eight words could heal the world some days I think.

I stopped to get gas on the way to the office and was greeted by the most effervescent young guy with the brightest smile and demeanor I have ever witnessed at a filling station. “Cash or charge, bud?” he said blinding me with his pearly whites. I handed him my lucre and he filled her up and then also spent several minutes actually cleaning my front and back window…now I am not talking about that slack way you usually have your car window’s done by gas station employees (left full of streaks and more dirty than when they began), no, this guy was an artist, he toiled on my windows and when he was through they down-right sparkled! I thanked him for his hard work and was about to offer him a tip when he was waylaid by the next customer. Wow, I thought, now here’s a man who loves his work.

Happy Gas Guy put me in more positive mood so I decided to go with that and put the pedal to the metal and began the twenty some mile journey to my home away from home, my office with The New Joisey Department of Services For The Terminally in Need of Lot’s of Help and Cash. (NJDSTTNLHC)

About five miles from work I past this little deer feeding on the side of the road, Bambi seemed oblivious to the cars and was enjoying his breakfast … It’s a good thing that hunting season has not started yet. Poor little thing would end up being plugged by some yahoo in an orange vest.

Finally I arrive at work, the brisk morning air washes over me as I leave my car. I pull my brief case out of the back seat, and tuck the morning paper under my other arm. I breathe in the cool vapor of this pre-fall morn full of optimism and hope, I am going to help someone today, I think: Thanks, Happy Gas Guy, thanks Bambi! I am going to put my best foot forward and …

…I stepped into a pothole and fell flat on my face.

Welcome to Tuesday Morning.

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Anonymous said...

Your Handsome face was probably the reason WHY the Happy Gas Guy was so Happy..
May you never fall in a pot hole again,--unless, of course, there's lots of POT in it!