Sunday, September 05, 2004

Riding With The Moon

We were coming back from a barbeque late last night, it was one of those rare occasions of being in a car yet not being the driver, allowing me some time to soak up the scenery and not concern myself with anything but that.

It was in the wee small hours as we traversed long winding country roads, occasionally passing homes, the window’s illuminating the night like votive candles in a darkened cathedral, it was peaceful, serene...

Eventually we got to an area of seemingly never ending fields, the sky on either side of the car enveloping us. And there in the sky, an orange half moon, at first in front of us, and then to the right, keeping pace with us through our sojourn … Diana in her chariot racing along with two weary mortals in an automobile.

At one point we passed a lake and the cedar water made the moon’s reflection blood red. Just beyond this lake we saw a shooting star; it raced through the sky causing us both to remark at it, as it flared and then faded from view.

Finally we came back into civilization, illumination everywhere … more homes, stores, traffic; Saint Elmo’s fire for the new millennium.

We got home, both of us tired, but in that pleasant kind of way, and as we walked up to the house I glanced up, and there it was, just above our bedroom window; that half moon, it had followed us home.


Anonymous said...

Cosmo's moon!!!

--Cousin Castorini

snicks said...

and then whatsisname leaned over, and slurred into your ear "i need my dick sucked"...
seriously, that was very beautifully written, pax.