Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Alice Cooper Goes to Staples.

Alice and Friend circa 1977

Once upon a time, Alice Cooper was the ultimate Rock Star. He was Goth, before anyone knew what Goth was. He played with snakes onstage, and was beheaded before adoring throngs; he sang songs about death and hell, all the while dressed like a ghoul with a penchant for top hats and canes.

These days, Alice is pitching for Staples, in a commercial that has to be the funniest thing running on Television .

We see this little girl, a raven haired little tyke, who is glumly following an unseen adult pushing a shopping cart filling it with school supplies. The little girl looks more and more angry as the shopping spree continues. Finally she stops in her tracks and looks up at the unseen adult and says, “I thought you said, school’s out for EVER?!”

The camera cuts to the adult; Alice Cooper in full fright drag who looks down at the little girl and replies, “No, I said school’s out for SUMMER! Nice try.”

A brilliant piece of advertising though if you really wanted to be picky, in the song, “School’s Out”, forever as well as summer are both used, but what the hell…

I think Madison Avenue has something here; old rock stars hawking products, let’s see … Grace Slick for One-A-Day Vitamins (“One pill gives you iron, and one pill gives you niacin”), Mick Jagger for Viagra (“Who say’s you CANT GET NO SATISFACTION?”)…

Ah, what a drag it is getting old.


MagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Stevie Nicks for Sominex!

PaxRomano said...
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PaxRomano said...

Poor Snicks, I was going to write, Nicks for Earplugs, but purely in jest, ya understand!!!

snicks said...

it's a good thing you decided not to post that, pax romano.... a VERY good thing...um, i mean..oh, pax, you're such a kidder! :)