Saturday, August 14, 2004

When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right.

This morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Governor McGreevy’s accuser, Golan Cipel, is refereeing to his former boss as and “oppressor“ who made “unwanted sexual advance” towards him. Cipel goes on to say that McGreevy “made sure to let me know my future was in his hands.”

Cipel who now lives in Manhattan, was the former advisor of New Jersey’s Home Security, a position that paid $110,000-a-year. Cipel and McGreevy met in Israel four years ago, and apparently they bonded quickly.

McGreevy’s camp is denying these allegations and has even informed the FBI of an alleged blackmail scheme said to be orchestrated by Cipel.

You know what I think?

I think these two guys shared a passionate affair that threatened the Governor’s marriage as well as his career. I think McGreevy was so taken with the handsome Israeli man that he offered him a job he was ill equipped for, I think that when McGreevy finally got the stardust out of his eyes he gave Cipel his walking papers, and when that happened, Cipel got really pissed off… you know what they say, hell hath no fury …

And you know something else, the more I think of it the more I find my dislike of both of these men growing. This is not a case of somebody wronged, it’s a case of Love gone Sour and hurt feelings … more than that, it’s the story of a public figure with his back against the wall and finding no other way out, than to finally speak the truth.

A truth he should have spoken and acknowledged a long time ago.


14damoney said...

Oh disappoint me! Where is your compassion for a fellow gay american? So many people think Governor McGreevy intentionally deceived his public and his family, and only when faced with "his back up against the wall" did he fess up. Could he be intentionally deceiving? Perhaps. But I think it is more of a case that he was deceiving himself! And as with each of us, it is only when we have our backs against the wall do we face the inevitable. It is only when we reach that fork in the road, that we have to make a choice. This obstacle in McGreevy's path, whatever it is, forced him to face who he really is. Being able to relate with McGreevy, I say, "You go boy!" Because it is only now, once the bullshit is passed, that McGreevy can live a happy life. In the gay world, it is not WHEN one comes out, but that one DOES come out and live life to it's fullest.

Eunay said...

i agree with you Pax... aye!