Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Whatshisname versus the Fascist Artist Who Masquerades as a Patriot

The A.P. is reporting today about an artist named, Scott LoBaido. It seems that Mr. LoBaido has done a series of paintings that feature George W. Bush in such awe inspiring poses as riding horse back while carrying the disembodied head of Osama bin Laden and another portrays W as a triumphant prize fighter standing over the prone body of Michael Moore.

While these works of art are sure to be a hit with the knuckle draggers at the Republican National Convention, they can cause the serious art connoisseur as well the casual observer pause to reflect … and probably retch.

When Whatshisname read about this bastardization of creativity he took it upon himself to send the artist a letter. I am proud to present that letter here:

Hi Scott,
I saw some of your pictures on the internet and I must say--they are pretty awful. It's one thing to promote an agenda, which all artists do, but it's another when you pass your vision off as patriotic...If anything you are just reflecting the ideas of a very bloated, stagnant, and (sometimes) morally bankrupt status quo. (Which by the way includes democrats and republicans.) If I'm not mistaken, patriotism is the complete opposite of those characteristics I have just mentioned.

Does your art evoke emotion? It certainly does. It evokes sadness in me that someone who is fairly talented has decided to take the easy way out and not search for the real meaning in his craft--which is inspiration.

True artists inspire and unfortunately your work fails to accomplish this.

I would suggest that you look at the works of Dali, Tanner, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, Kandinsky, Matisse, and Renoir. Those are just a few artists who shunned the status quo, evoked emotion in millions of people, and inspired so many others.

Good Luck.
I am very proud of Whatshisname for speaking his mind and taking this finger-painter to task.

Next up, Whatshisname lays the smack-down on Tobey Keith!


Diana Gallagher said...

Your blog entry aludes to the artist thinking that his work is of a patriotic nature. Is this what he really belives?! If so, I need for someone to slap him. Seeing as I am not in the same country, nay, not even on the same land mass, I charge this task to you or Whatshisname. The letter is a good start, but I think an actual slap is still required...


HE'S TOO GOOD FOR YA!!! i've said it all along..."WHAT can that nice boy see in paxy???". you've just reinforced my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Right on, whatshisname! You have done Mister Romano proud as well as the art world -- that hack should be doing velvet Elvis paintings!

Tony said...

Three cheers for Whatshisname!

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