Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Morning Coming Down

{painting}Early Morning Sunday by Edward Hopper

7:30 on a Sunday morning. I take a cup of coffee and wander out to the balcony, the new sun painting gold on the leaves of the trees. I can hear church bells pealing in the distance. I breathe deep and take in the silence and the still beauty of Sunday morning.

Attending to the jasmine plant that’s growing wildly on the far side of the terrace, I wrestle with the vines trying to somehow whip them into shape. It’s a losing battle.

Just then a car slows down and parks across the street. An attractive woman, maybe forty, forty-five years old gets out the car and it’s obvious she’s just getting in from the night before. She looks up my way and shoots me a sleepy smile and then turns her attention back to her car door that she locks.

As the woman is walking towards her home, she greats a well dressed couple and their toddler son as they are walking the other way to their car. I assume they are heading to church.

Suddenly it’s all become like a Johnny Cash song.

I stroll back inside and pour myself another cup of joe, flick on the radio to listen to NPR. The show on is called “Speaking of Faith” and this morning they are talking about Mary Magdalene and the popularity of The DaVinci Code. Turns out the Mary was probably never a “fallen woman”, no, this was something the church kind of drummed up to drown out the actual relationship Mary had with Jesus. Was she his lover, his wife, an apostle? It’s an interesting debate.

Again, it’s all rather like a Johnny Cash song.

So with the drone of the radio, and the soft fragrant breeze from the garden coursing though my windows, I sip my coffee and think about nothing in particular. Just happy that I have the day to myself, that it’s Sunday, and that Sunday Morning is Coming Down … just like a Johnny Cash song.
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