Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Sportin' Life, Mikey's Blues.

Today at lunch I am perusing the New York Times, and on the Sport's Page my eye catches this headline: Piazza Lands on the D.L. With a Sore Left Knee.

Mike Piazza on the D.L., who'd have thunk it?

Ok, I know that they are talking about the "disabled list", but I have to wonder exactly why the editor of the sports section of The Times would have worded the piece in such a double-edged way.

For the two or three of you that don't know why I find this all rather amusing, a brief lesson:

In popular culture, specifically in the African American community, if a man is secretly having sex with other men, but does not want to be identified as gay, it is said he is "On the D.L." -- the Down Low. Get it now?

I hope all of this does not get Mikey to upset, it's been a tough couple of years for him; the press trying to out him, the Playmate beard, the strained groin last year (excuse me?), that fact that he's only hit two homers since June...tsk tsk,

I guess there is still no joy in Mudville, Mighty Piazza has struck out.

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