Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pax Romano's Ramblings FIRST EVER Dream Interpretation Contest:

Fans, I had a doozy of a dream last night, and it's been puzzling me all day. Therefore, I am throwing it out to my millions of readers and offering them a chance to tell me what they think this little night-vision really means.

The winning interpretation will be featured as a guest blog entry on this site (think of the fame, the adulation, the envy of your friends!)

Winners will also be entered in the Win a Date with a Reanimated Canadian Silent Film Star (more on that later).


1: Read the dream posted below.
2: Comment on the dream with via "The Comment" section

Ok Then, Here is the Dream:

I was walking a mountain pass; it was early dawn in the dream-world and I could see the sun coming up in the distance painting the horizon pink and white (yes, I do dream in color). I continue on the pass and notice that there are also mountains behind me. These other mountains seem to be hiding something large and dark and mysterious. I understand that if I change direction and walk to this other range; I will be in grave danger.

I continue walking to the sunrise and come to a cliff, the ocean is in front of me and in the sea are these metallic glowing balls, huge, overwhelmingly big and they are floating on the water. They are beautiful these orbs, and I feel very good (almost safe) as I watch them.

I hear a voice behind me, I see a little boy, and an older man; I can’t make out there faces but they look familiar. They are holding hands and are both dressed similar in plain white t-shirts and blue-jeans. The older man whispers something to the boy and the boy hand’s me a deck of playing cards.

Now, I am a room, alone, and am seated at a huge marble table, I have the cards in my hands, and am shuffling them, I am about to deal a hand when the cards turn into flowers; big bright crazy looking flowers , they are everywhere and fill the room until I can’t move about the room anymore …

ok, let's hear 'em!


Anonymous said...

Well let's see, shall we? The hills may represent your life (the dark being the past and the light the future or bad choices), the globes on the water ... ok, that has me stumped, the little boy and the older man, your past and future, the deck of cards (maybe tarot cards?) may be about chances taken or deals to be made. The fact that the cards became flowers might mean that you end up with too much of a good thing.

Then again, what do I know?

Billy Whitebriefs said...

dude, all dreams are about sex. your dream is about sex. i think its just jumble of hidden erotic scenes. whatever.

Tony said...

The mountains are OBVIOUSLY your sleeping mind's attempt to justify your fascination with Trish's rack of pink and white gazongas.

The glowing orbs that make you feel safe are your desire to see more testicles on a daily basis. You must be unhappy with the amount you see on Campfire.

The man and the boy holding hands are a link to the catholic church. Even if you are NOT Catholic you still want to be an altar boy.

I am thinking that the deck of cards must have something to do with Masturbation (solitaire, maybe). The cards turning into flowers is a metaphor for orgasm--a winning hand of solitaire, if you will.

Do I win?

HildaSwandumper said...

Darling boy, A very wise woman once said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". But I'm of the same opinion as my esteemed colleague, Dr Whitebriefs, it's all about SEX, you have a warped and smutty mind, I'm sure poor Whatshisname is all but worn out. ;)

HildaSwandumper said...

Well dear, I don't hnow if Anthony wins but after reading his interprtation, give him my phone number! Plaza 5-3457!

snicks said...

it means you should lay off the 'shrooms, dude.


DARLING! have you had that dream, too?? the one that really frosts my wig is the one about marlon brando and the pack of rabid penquins at the 1939 world's fair! ever have that one?

MY INTERPRETATION: AHEM! obviously, the mountains behind you are the past. you are "at a pass"...are you contemplating some major change or step in your life? you're also walking into the east, another sign of new beginnings, birth, etc. at the same time, repeating the past, "going back" is fraught with danger and fear. so, you are inclined to make the change, yet fearful of repeating past mistakes?
water in dreams is traditionally a sexual symbol...the orbs..."perfect" experiences? fulfilling and valued experiences? something that can't be improved, is very self sustained (floating) and makes you feel safe and secure.
also traditionally, the figures behind you represent your guardian angels, if you're inclined to believe in such. they should have appeared on your right...did they? and again, a representation of the past and future...don't worry about the fact that you couldn't see their faces...if you believe they are who i say, it is standard not to see their faces, one never does. the playing cards...a gamble you'll have to make on your own, with no help from anyone else, even tho you have had the representation of safety before you. you have a safety net. and the'd like the gamble to turn out to be a room full of roses, more or less. so tell us...are you contemplating some life move, at some level?
and by the way, darling, i usually charge for this!

Diana Gallagher said...

I like Tony's!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am late as always, but I could not resist gently moving about your mind.
The dream starts out in the mountains, and the first colors noted are higher aura ones,white and pink. You look and see that you have climbed past other mountains. Those mountains, if you go to them, pose a threat.
Why? Because you have already manuvered through mountains, reached a height, and moved on from those previous issues/times. Your hidden guiding thoughts want only a forward movement for you. They want you to leave the past behind, because you are on such a right path now.

You continue to walk "into the sun" Walking into(towards) the sun is a westward walk. "Go West, Young Man". It represents a right path, a movement ever forward. The early druids and later gaelic christian monks, all went as far west as they could, to attain maximum spiritual enlightenment. They traveled to the most westwardly point of Europe, Ireland. The Skelling Islands, at the south west bottom of Eire, are alleged to still be a powerhouse of spirituality, even though the last monks who cloistered there left several hundred years ago. The spirit is in both the place and the person.

"Going West' is moving to where the Sun rises,in an attempt to reach the sun, join with it, know it, "Become enlightened." That you are journeying forward reflects that you ( your inner mind) feel that you have made some good choices recently.

Your journey of walking toward the sun comes to an end at a cliff. Before you lay the vast ocean, full of wonderful metallic balls. I can't exactly agree with Tony about the balls..., as water in a dream state always represents emotions. You took a long journey and reached a beautiful and vast emotional place.
That lovely balls are floating in the ocean would signify that you are very happy with your sexuality right now. You want to embrace it, float in it, merge with the beautiful shining ones while in it.

That the balls are metallic might represent that you find a type of healing in sex, or are viewed as a healer because of some aspect of your sexuality/personality. Gold is a color of high level healers. When you want to project healing astrally, imagine a web of truly gossamer gold threads or a very fine gold shimmering cloth encircling the person. You can also use this projection very effectively when trying to help people cross over, who have died a traumatic death.
The boy and the old man are parts of your psyche. They are holding hands, so many of your childhood issues, thoughts, concerns, you have resolved. Especially regarding sex.
The deck of cards? Hmmm, Cards relate to numbers and are the underpinning of our existence. The deck could reflect choices or a choice for this life, but, since they turned into flowers, crazy, brilliant flowers,that kinda engulfed you, then I would say that they represent people. Your mind stressed and blocked out the actual cards(numbers), which would have been key to analyzing the beginning of the dream, and possibly telling you what path you wanted for this life.

All of those crazy, beautiful flowers, --that have hidden the meaning of the cards/life paths---prevented you from learning something very important.
There are so many of them that you (the hidden internal you) can't move. That you made the people into flowers of all different crazy colors,as opposed to making them into, say, fleas, shows that you like the flowers, but there are just too many of them, or they are too demanding right now. You want some peace and quiet!!! You have things to do!

So, should you go down the cliff and into the water?? Attempt to touch one of the lovely metallic balls? Are they your healing metallic balls?
Your psyche may be telling you that you have crossed through the mountains, and now is the time to get into the boat, as St. Brendan the patron saint of sailors did, and venture off and into the next journey.
There are many people who believe that St. Brendan, who lived in the 4th century, discovered North America, and also that he studied the Druid faith.
Don't let the flowers, as crazy and brilliant as they may be, obscure your path. St. Brendan stuck his "flowers" in these little leather boats, I forget what they are called, and said, go ahead, get a paddle and row and go somewhere. I am!

Rock ON!