Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Oh Joy II

It's been a long day, I needed to cheer up; here are fifty more things that bring me joy!

1: The Film, Mullholland Drive, 2: Green Mountain Coffee’s Rain Forrest Nut flavor, 3: Mae West films, 4: Weird New Jersey Magazine, 5: Charles Busch, 6: “Jugzilla” (thank you, Klaus, you have never made me laugh so hard --- though I fear Zelda will have her revenge), 7: ‘Our Own Candle Company’ of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 8: The Village Voice, 9: Pam Grier, 10: “From Now On”, by Supertramp, 11: “I’m Not in Love” by 10 CC’s, 12: Peter Kraus’s hairy chest, 11: Meryl Streep’s performance(s) in “Angels in America”, 12: Magnolia Thunderpussy and her splendid postings on that other web site I frequent, 13: Tastykake’s “Sensables”, 14: Magix Music Maker (for my inner Moby), 15: That view you get of Philadelphia’s water front when coming over the bridge on the Patco Train, 16: Blueberries, 17: Midways, 18: Leaving work for the day, 19: The Book, “The Summer of Love” by Lisa Mason, 20: Hearing Whatshisname laugh when I do my Barbara Walter’s voice, 21:Armistead Maupin, 22: Knowing that a new catch phrase was born this week in, “I am a Gay American”, 23: The Simpson’s, 24: NPR, 25: Greek Mythology, 26: Mystical conversations with my friend, Trish, 27: The color of Zelda’s face when I make her laugh, 28: The sound of Mama Jax’s laughter at “med time”, 29: Al Franken, 30: Michael Moore, 31: “A Night at The Opera” finally out on DVD, 32: Unexpected phone calls from friends you thought forgot about you, 33: Turner Classic Movies (hand’s down, the best station on TV these days), 34: Michael Musto’s column in the afore mentioned Village Voice --- La Dolce Musto! 35: French toast, 36: The window seat at my favorite diner, 37: Ken Anger’s delicious books, “Hollywood Babylon (I and II), 38: Driving down Main Street in the small town I grew up in, 39: Finally understanding what Mick Jagger was REALLY signing about in the song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, 40: Bryers Carb Smart Ice Cream (YIPPEEE), 41: The New Jersey Pinelands, 42: Strolling the streets of Center City Philadelphia, early in the Morning before the rest of the world wakes up, 43: “Making the light”, 44: Knowing that I’ve done ONE good thing a day, 45: An ice cold beer on a hot Summer’s day, 46: Swiss Cheese, 47: Sangria, 48: My sometimes unbelievable faith that everything will turn out for the good in the end, 49: Jimi Hendrix singing, “Little Wing” 50: Arden Delaware.




HildaSwandumper said...

Now Florence, dear, you be nice, Miss Magnolia is an enchanting creature.